My Personal Notes on Trying to Build TheBookOfShaders

Update: Don’t bother! There is really nothing to gain. This “book” simply isn’t finished and has apparently been in this state for years. There is very little extra in the source than there is on the site, and it’s not complete.

I’m trying to build because is incomplete.

I tried building it in a headless Docker container, but it needs glslViewer . The PPA version I tried installing seemed to require X11, so I tried building it myself with libgbm-dev , but that eventually seemed to require a hardware display connection, too.

I then started trying to build TheBookOfShaders on my Macbook Pro since I already have PHP there. I was able to install glslviewer with Homebrew, but it needs even more.

Building TheBookOfShaders also requires ImageMagick’s convert command and pandoc. Homebrew has packages imagemagick and pandoc , respectively.

My build finally completed successfully! Off to finish reading it now….

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