Although a relative newbie, I have some observations on CivicSpace 0.8.3 as compared to a base Drupal install:

  • The "plain text" input filter allows unfiltered html!
  • The bug list isn't closely monitored. I submitted the unfiltered html issue to CivicSpace as a bug, and 4 1/2 days later it is still unassigned and has no replies.
  • The zadministration panel has a cute front page but mucks up the administration navigation menu in a way that's confusing to me, different from Drupal (and therefore Drupal documentation and discussion) and when you turn off the zadministration module your administer settings are scattered amongst the top level of your navigation menu; in other words you don't go back to Drupal normal admin when disabling zadministration. EDIT Dec 20, 2006: I just noticed how to avoid this problem when disabling zadministration: Before disabling the zadmin module, from the zadmin panel, click "Activate/Deactivate this page" and then push the "Deactivate" button. Then the admin menus return to their Drupal state and you can safely disable the zadmin module.
  • CivicSpace seems to be a memory hog compared to Drupal. CivicSpace recommends setting php.ini to use 24M of memory, but on my 256M virtual server I keep running out of VM pages when I do that. I've tried different settings and had problems at 8M and 12M; I'm at 16M now but I haven't had a problem with a Drupal site at 8M with the same modules enabled yet. I think the enabled statistics module may be to blame, but I'm not sure yet. (I have CivicCRM turned off. I could also probably tune apache and MySql to not use as much RAM, but I haven't tried that yet.)
  • After upgrading CivicSpace to Drupal 4.7 rc3 with a mix of Drupal 4.7 and cvs modules, the "my profile" page has some odd characters on it.