I used Drupal for several years for my sites. I liked its flexibility and had visions of several people contributing to each site. But I noticed that over time I had reduced all my Drupal installs to simple blogs authored only by me. Drupal publishes updates rather frequently and twice caused me issues with rather common modules when changing major versions.

When deciding to create the IT Know-It-All site I reviewed my options. My goal was to write about my IT experiences—discovered solutions, lab tests, and reports on my research—to share them and to create a navigable knowledgebase for myself. I had originally envisioned a site with a knowledgebase engine, but later realized  blog with search and tags would work just fine for my purposes and be easier to update and maintain. Wordpress does this "out of the box" with no additional modules, is quite popular and well-maintained, so I chose Wordpress for the new site.

I found no reliably simple way to import two Drupal sites' articles into Wordpress. I didn't have that many articles, and none with photos or other media, so I viewed them with Firefox with "no style" chosen and simply copied each article to the clipboard and then pasted it into a new Wordpress post on the new site, then adjusted the publish date. That worked surprisingly well. (I then set up redirects, but that is out-of-scope for this post.)

So far I really like using Wordpress. Drupal can do more and is more flexible, but without thinking about it I had reduced my Drupal sites to a level of simplicity that Wordpress does better. I have two more simple Drupal blog sites, and I think I will convert them to Wordpress, too. My Drupal sites are at least one major version behind because upgrading would cause module issues, so I might as well update (for my purposes) to Wordpress.