Well I’m not thrilled with NextPVR so far. Not that I’ve tried to mess with it much, but it doesn’t just keep working. I’m not sure if the fault is with Win10 or NextPVR, but it will get stuck in some sort of sleep mode and stop recording. Also it doesn’t seem to auto-free recording space.

And just now, the web interface completely changed and it appears to be a differently branded product, so I’m not sure what’s up with that.

I’m still watching football games live with no live DVR but managing to record the games.

I watch more YouTube than TV these days, and the difficulty with actually watching the recordings on the main TV makes me want to just put the recording box in a back room and use a possibly-portable player–or perhaps even the TV itself–to watch any recordings. So I might check into a different recording system based on Linux and try to tie that activity in with my job-hunting beef-up activities.

Come to think of it, I’m not that thrilled with Kodi, either. I find it easier to use VLC player to watch stuff.

In any case, whatever I do next, I think the model is a recorder that isn’t directly connected to the TV (one less bit of equipment to keep around). …come to think of it, I play games and Blu-Rays seldomly enough I think I’d rather simplify the by-TV equipment…if the TV had better speakers I’d consider moving the fancy stereo…hmmm maybe I should buy a speaker bar and be done with it.

I’m definitely in the mood to go minimalist. Well, less cluttered, anyway.