So far in my homebuilt DVR adventures, WMC was the least problematic / most reliable, but MS has killed it off, and it wasn’t problem-free or spouse/kid/visitor friendly to use because you had to have all the inputs set up right and sometimes had to fix the resolution.

Since my last post I’m toying with the idea of building my own distributed DVR software from scratch where a Linux scheduler fires up a recording process. I’d have to manage the schedule (via Schedules Direct), the tuners and the disk space. I wouldn’t even worry about playback or live TV; that would be done with another product.

Hmm, this is sounding doable. I am presuming there already exists a command-line simple recorder I could leverage. I could make the interface a REST API and write a simple web page / phone app interface that is easily replaceable by anyone who cares.

I’m even starting to have an idea on how to handle live playback with only a few seconds’ delay…I could segment the recordings into many files and stitch them back together for playback. Actually I wouldn’t make a player; I’d make a streamer. Hmm…

Edit: In my early research I stumbled across a notice that MythBuntu is ending. That’s what I used to get stuff set up easily. It would take more work to get MythTv working without it.

Edit 2: This is a pretty good overview of to-buy and build-your-own options: