From part 2

Well I’m not thrilled with NextPVR so far. Not that I’ve tried to mess with it much, but it doesn’t just keep working. I’m not sure if the fault is with Win10 or NextPVR, but it will get stuck in some sort of sleep mode and stop recording. Also it doesn’t seem to auto-free recording space.

I think I just figured out what’s going on with the sleep/wake problem. I don’t know the solution yet, but….

As I’ve said many times, I’m watching less and less TV. So the few times I’ve kicked the DVR since upgrading to Win10 I’ve generally just rebooted it without looking at it to get it working. This time I went and investigated why it wouldn’t wake and realized it’s getting stuck and failing to reboot properly during Win10 upgrades…which is a problem I had with my “main” PC…which has the same motherboard model…I have four of that model, but only two have Win10 (the others being servers), and both of those consistently (?) get stuck during reboot during automated Win10 updates.

And I just stumbled upon a possible workaround while typing that: until I figure out what driver/setting is preventing reboots I might be able to force manual updates. Actually I’m not sure on that as Win10 home has mandatory updates. I have the pro/enterprise version, so I might still be able to update manually when I can force the reboot and not have it freeze up when I’m not paying attention.

I was going to swap out to a faster PC for the DVR, but I was going to use the other PC that freezes, and in fact the only motherboards I have available in a case that fits the tuners are this model motherboard.

Anyway, so my current issues and solutions with my NextPVR install:

  • Freezing during updates : not a NextPVR issue. Can find the driver issue or possibly disable automatic updates so I can ensure the reboot happens when I manually update.
  • No codec for live playback : This is an annoying concept, but it’s as much Microsoft’s fault as NextPVRs, maybe moreso. I can install a 3rd-party codec (need to vet them to ensure I don’t get one with malware) and get live playback working
  • Free space not freeing up : I haven’t dug into this at all. Right now I’m just deleting football games before recording the next one, and delete some other big shows. If I swap PCs I’ll probably start with a fresh recording drive and figure it out then.

I didn’t originally have interest in the streaming feature, but I’m starting to like getting a web stream of live TV. The only problem here is that the existing CPU isn’t fast enough to transcode reliably, so the PC swap will fix this, too.