From part 6

  • No codec for live playback : This is an annoying concept, but it’s as much Microsoft’s fault as NextPVRs, maybe moreso. I can install a 3rd-party codec (need to vet them to ensure I don’t get one with malware) and get live playback working

Oh…I already have at least two MPEG2 decoders on my to-be replacement box. I’m watching live playback now in my computer room. So that problem is solved.

The tuner driver software has a codec, although I’m not clear why my main DVR doesn’t have them as it’s the same vendor. I guess I just need to re-run the install CD. And my to-be replacement has a DVD playback codec available from Microsoft. I’m not sure how that got on there, but in any case this problem is solved.

Also, on a mostly-unrelated note, I’ve had some time sync issues on my network that sometimes caused the DVR(s) to get as much as 5-7 minutes fast or slow. I fixed that today. Odd combination of 3 virtual machines being the authoritative time for the network, but the hardware host kept resetting their clocks. The hardware host is theoretically syncing its time to these VMs, but in reality they were kind of fighting and flipping time back and forth seconds to minutes at a time.

Time to watch the Cowboys…and maybe I’ll have the TV synced with the radio broadcast for the first time this season.