I am booting up my new MSI A6200 laptop, and a "Security by Norton from Symantec" window has popped up before I can login asking me whether I want to activate a 60-day subscription. I have chosen not to, but there is no apparent way for me to exit the screen and use my laptop without clicking the "Agree" button which says I agree to the license. Where is the "I do not agree" button? There is none! There is no way to close the window; alt-F4 doesn't work. So I can use my laptop as a doorstop or click "agree" and tell the world here that I am not actually agreeing, it's just that I was given no other option to click to continue using my computer without Norton, which I intend to uninstall immediately.

Okay, I was able to open the task manager. There are no applications available to close, but I used the processes tab to close all Norton and Symantec processes. hopefully that didn't mess anything up.

If you have an agree button, you must have a disagree button!

After shutting down the Symantec and Norton processes with the not-so-obvious ctrl-alt-delete, task manager, process tab and shutting down processes through dire warnings, I was able to uninstall the program, so after the reboot I didn't have to face the stupid agree-or-be-stuck-here-forever option.