I am going to blog about the technical production of the weekly live webcast DBAs@Midnight, but I will be posting as midnightFreddie, the nickname and Twitter handle I adopted when joining the show. The name is based on Freddy from iCarly. Freddy tech produces the in-show iCarly webcast, so I became "the Freddy" for the DBAs@Midnight show.

Sean and Jen McCown, the MidnightDBAs started recording a weekly video in 2009 and later started live broadcasting the show and posting the recording on their website later.

When I joined the show they were using Ustream.tv for live broadcast and chat while using a second webcam and Debut video capture software to record the show for republication. I was able to change to widescreen video and update the quality and features within the Ustream controls, but Ustream had a habit of frequently changing the user interface and increasing ad intrusion until we finally got fed up and looked for other options.