I backed up and then factory reset my HTC Droid Incredible Android 2.3.4 phone. It has been activated and assigned the same Google account I used before the reset. I will now restore my data and see where I goofed up. Read my backup article to see how I backed up my phone data before I performed the factory reset.

I now realize I did not even think to backup my call history. Probably not important, but with my last employer I used this phone for work a lot, and it was occasionally very useful to use call history to seen when I last spoke with someone. And now if I get a missed call that I don't recognize, I can't see if I have spoken with that number in the past. This might be a bigger deal if I weren't changing employers right now.

I will not restore my old SMS messages by choice, but they are backed up in an XML file in Google docs if I need them.

Restoring bookmarks was pretty easy. I just searched for the "easy" sites (e.g. NOAA Weather, ESPN) and then read my email to click the links I emailed myself as backup, then bookmarked those (longer URL) links (e.g. Weather for my area, ESPN Dallas). Of course the "favorite" section is not populated yet, but that will restore itself over time. I didn't care to back up or restore browser history or any passwords or cookies I had.

I took photos of my home screen layout, and I will manually set it back up as I use each app. I might look at the photos, or I might just icons and widgets where I feel like it at the time. Since my phone and app use is changing, my placement priority may change, too.

I backed up my files manually, and I don't see a pressing need to copy any back to the phone just now. I had some music and movies on there before, but I usually use another device for playing media. I'll probably load some entertainment on it for my next vacation, but for now I'll only copy files when I need them. My documents were related to my old job, so no need to put those back on the phone.

Since I used the same Google account on the phone as I did before the reset, my Maps saved locations/My Places are back with no further action on my part.

I noticed some of my built-in apps are out-of-date after the reset, so before reinstalling my downloaded apps I am updating the built-in apps. Interesting: Amazon MP3 is installed; I didn't think it was a built-in app. After updates I go to My Android Apps on Google Play (formerly Android Market) and start clicking the seemingly misinformed "installed" link and directing each app to install on my phone. I skipped a few that I no longer need or trust. They are installing to my phone with no further action on my part. Cool!

I will manually set up my Tweetdeck settings today and add my WiFi encryption keys and passphrases as I revist my WiFi spots.

Now for the real question: Did this fix my issues?