Due to some really annoying issues and change in use habits I decided to factory reset my HTC Droid Incredible with Android 2.3.4. Did it help? Let's review my issues:

  • Searches insist on changing my search query - I cannot search for e.g. "Home Depot" because search substitutes the nearest home depot location for my search query. I am often not looking for the closest location, and sometimes autocomplete misses what I mean entirely
  • Gallery can't find my photos I've taken before the last reboot, even though they are still in storage
  • Netflix app does not work, it freezes on a black screen when I start it
  • Calendar quit syncing with Exchange

I am very angry to say that the reset has not fixed the search problem. I turned off Google search suggestions in Settings -> Search -> Searchable Items, but freakin' Maps insists on not letting me search for what I want to search for. Sooner or later I will break my phone in anger over this. Now I am live-blogging my search for a fix: Settings -> Language & Keyboard -> Touch Input -> Text input: uncheck Prediction and Word completion. I try "home depot" and "fedex" in maps and in both cases it searches for what it thinks I want instead of what I typed. >:( This phone may not survive the rest of this blog post. I go into settings and clear data from the app. No help. Time to go scream bloody murder on some Google/Android help forums.

Okay, next issue: I fire up Gallery. WTF?!?! There are images here. I suppose the fact that camera shots from before the factory reset indicate the index problem is solved, but I clearly told it to wipe all phone storage and SD card, and clearly it didn't. It has my camera photos, my videos and some photos that were attached to SMS messages. It is not showing the icons and other non-gallery stuff it was showing before the reset. I wonder if it only wiped its own private storage areas and left the rest of the browseable storage alone? Well, I am confused, but I will call this issue fixed.

The Netflix app works after the reset. I was able to log in and start a movie.

My calendar wouldn't sync with my last employer's Exchange for the past couple of months even though it used to do so, but since I just left that job I can't test to see if it works now.

So in summary the most infuriating issue is still with me, so it is apparently the way the search software is written, or perhaps there is a third place to look for how to change autocomplete/autocorrect. I find it very curious and unexpected that my files (including music, movies, documents and photos) are still on the phone and SD storage after all the warnings that all storage would be wiped out.