I finally signed up for an Amazon Web Services account with the intent of kicking around their EC2 VMs. I was going to say I don’t expect to immediately move any sites there, but then again why not? Not this one, but I have multiple unimportant static sites…might as well throw them out there to see if I learn anything from the experience.

I’ll probably also sign up for Google’s Cloud which I think is called Google Compute Engine.

I was going to sign up for Microsoft Azure, but I think I’m going to get an MSDN subscription through my company and take advantage of some free Azure extra benefits from the subscription.

I’ve been overthinking how to get into the cloud recently. The hesitation is that I might accidentally do something non-free, but even if I do I don’t think it will be a huge financial hit, and besides how better to learn the pricing tiers than to jump into them.

Ok, terminology correction / clarification

Google Cloud Platform is the service name that is analogous to Amazon Web Services, and Google Compute Engine is the product that is analogous to EC2. The former pair being a family of product offerings, and the latter being the main product I’m interested in: infrastructure as a service (IaaS) or more generally virtual machines.

IaaS VMs are virtual replacements of my home lab PCs. I can install a choice of operating systems on them and then configure and manage them however I want.