Once again, this forum [posts later moved to my website] seems like the most convenient place for note-taking and tracking.

Main goal: Weekly live webcast video viewable by PCs, Androids, iPods, iPads, iPhones and Macintoshes.

Current implementation: Producing/encoding with Wirecast as WMV, pushing to Windows Media Services for Windows clients, using VLC to transcode from WMS feed to x264/flv and serving it to other clients (Flash players, oPlayer, VLC to cover older Androids w/Flash, iOS devices with oPlayer app and non-Windows browsers with Flash.)

Main problem with current implementation: Not working on newer Android devices. Also the transcoder needs extra setup by me. (So if Sean & Jen have to run show themselves they can’t make everything work.)

Other goals:

  • Make it turnkey so Sean & Jen can self-produce the show with all features
  • Document everything carefully and back up fully so it can quickly be reestablished in case of failure (currently I would have to re-figure out the transcoder settings for sure and perhaps retweak a few other things)