From an earlier post:

Test results HTML5 video tag <video width="640" height="360" controls>:


<source src="rtsp://" type="video/mp4"> - using Wirecast QT h264 360p encoder preset and built-in streaming server - works somewhat on Nexus 4; video stops > after a few seconds, but sound continues playing. Sound doesn’t play in VLC (huh?). Does not work in Chrome, IE or Firefox.

For the first time in 2-3 weeks or more I feel alert, healthy, awake and unstressed and am taking a look at this again. I noticed the time counter on the droid jumps 60 minutes when the video freezes and continues counting up while the audio continues. I don’t know what that means, but it’s definitely correlated.

I tried changing the packetizer from h.264 to Quicktime; the Nexus 4 plays sound but has blank video, and the counter does not jump 60 minutes.

I also had updated Quicktime a couple of minor versions to 7.7.3. No noticeable change.

A couple of things occur to me: I should try this on a different PC. Wirecast has been popping errors about talking to the QT server which doesn’t happen on my actual broadcast boxes. Also since I have the 22” droid in the bedroom it is now available to test the feed, too. It is one Android version behind the Nexus 4, so the comparison will be interesting.

Edit: The VSD220 plays just audio only with both packetizers and does not jump the counter.

Edit 2: Using a different encoder PC/OS didn’t make a difference. I rediscovered that disabling audio prevents the video from freezing; it also makes the video work on the VSD220. Interesting.

Edit +1: Also rediscovering VLC has audio problems with the feed, too. Tried disabling video and having audio-only, seems fine. The problem seems to be with mixing audio and video, and perhaps seems to point to a problem or incompatibility with QT server.

Edit +1: SUCCESS! I noticed among the available codecs is “MPEG-4 Video” which I thought was synonymous with h.264, but apparently not. It works with audio+video on VLC and the two newest Androids. The downside is blocky checkered pixellation, but I have some settings to fiddle with. My current theory is that h.264 varies the bitrate and causes sync problems, but I’m probably wrong.