From an earlier post:

Edit +1: SUCCESS! I noticed among the available codecs is “MPEG-4 Video” which I thought was synonymous with h.264, but apparently not. It works with audio+video on VLC and the two newest Androids. The downside is blocky checkered pixellation, but I have some settings to fiddle with. My current theory is that h.264 varies the bitrate and causes sync problems, but I’m probably wrong.

Argh. Does not work on iPhone. But I don’t think iPhone does RTSP in the HTML5 video tag. VLC can’t stream its mp4 mux, so I would have to find another muxer and HTTP server.

Today I backed off and approached it from a different direction, looking again at HTTP Live Streaming which is Apple’s favored video delivery protocol and presumably supported by Android and possibly even PC browsers. Last time I looked, even though “live” was in the name it wasn’t really doable for a live broadcast. But I guess it’s been a while, because there seems to be support for it in VLC 2 and there are a few other projects out there.

What’s really good is that it starts with a TS-muxed stream and breaks it into pieces. Hell, I’ve already got a TS-muxed stream I’m using for the Flash feed, and it’s h.264/AAC. Now I’m off to see how easily I can make this happen and where it works.