Making changes to encoder settings under the thought that I’m using nonstandard settings/profiles/thingys.

Changing FPS to 15, res to 720x480 and checking “limit peak bit rate”

Changed around some other things. Noticed that VLC was reporting different frame rates than I had set in the encoder (30fps instead of 15, 24 instead of 12).

Decided to stop the audio encoder, and right now the Nexus 4 is continually running live video at 640x360, 12 fps per Wirecast or 24 per VLC and 420kbit/s using the first rstp source line in the previous post. The Incredible and the Dart still won’t play it.


Re-copied the QT 640x360 codec, went baseline, checked limit peak bitrate and disabled audio, and it’s working on the Nexus and briefly started on the Incredible then stopped. VLC thinks 30fps is 60fps. Hmmmm.